Affordable Braces Have Arrived In Syracuse, NY!

To Us, Your Smile Is Priceless.

Which is why we charge 60% less. Not only that, we offer a flat fee with pricing as transparent as clear aligners. And to make you smile even more, we accept most insurances.

Braces With:

No hidden fees.
No gimmicks.
No joking around.

Braces for $2,998 with financing option of $123/month.

SmileyCuse Is All About Added Value:

There is no charge, ever, for the initial visit, x-ray or consult with the doctor and a copy of the x-ray is yours to keep for free whether or not you decide to have treatment at SmileyCuse.

At SmileyCuse, our affordable Syracuse braces only cost a flat fee of $2,998. If treatment is needed, then everything is included, even if we need to use an expander to help you get an amazing smile.

We pride ourselves on having only one incredibly budget-friendly financing plan – $292 down and $123 a month for 22 months. If you have an insurance benefit, it may get even better!

When a patient pays for braces at SmileyCuse, they get all of this included:

Putting the braces on is included in the fee
All the appointments and adjustments are included in the fee
Repairs are included in the fee
Taking the braces off is included in the fee
A set of custom, vacuum formed, clear retainers is included in the fee
Retainer checks are included in the fee

SmileyCuse only has one additional product for those who get braces – our seven-year Retainer Assurance program. This program is $615, or 5 payments of $123. It’s a completely optional service to help keep your smile straight long after your braces are off.

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Forget X marks the spot. For us, a smile marks it.